Montag, 31. August 2015

Testimony of Bill Richard - transcript

submitted by pbszebra

A small part of witness testimonies has been made available for the public in the form of transcripts. The statement of Bill Richard (docket Nr. 1422) is one of them. It is posted here because of its unique and outstanding significance for the case. 



  1. An interesting read. Thank you pbszebra for submitting and WB for posting.

  2. Another staged event on 9-11-15

    Ask those you know to participate from the inside.
    How many repeat actors will be part of it?

    Posted on Facebook:

    Linxx Global Solutions, Inc.
    Yesterday at 10:50am ·
    Linxx Global Solutions, a government services provider based in Virginia Beach, VA, will be providing realistic scenario training to the U.S. Department of Defense in the Boston, MA area. Linxx is looking to hire male and female Independent Contractors (ICs). These ICs will act be Role Players acting as terrorists, bad guys, and hostages.
    This training will take place in several locations around the city in 2 different sessions. Session 1 is 10-11, 14-16 Sep. Session 2 is 16-18, 21-23. This is a paid position and the pay is $20.00 per hour. Travel and accommodations will not be reimbursed. We are looking for males and females and the responsibilities and qualifications are listed below.
    • Wear assigned wardrobe and safety equipment while responding accordingly based on the scenario
    • Deliver a realistic performance based on the scenario objectives for training
    • Operate various small arms with blank- and paint-marking cartridges
    • Must be comfortable around military working dogs
    • Resident of Boston, MA and/or surrounding areas
    • Knowledge of basic small-arms handling
    • In good physical condition
    • U.S. citizen
    • Age 18–40
    • Acting experience is a plus, but not required (training scenarios will NOT be recorded)
    For more information or to apply, please contact Jessica McIntyre at or 757-22-0300 extension 134. Resumes are not necessary.