Mittwoch, 6. April 2016

Mark Wahlberg's "Patriot's Day" doomed for disaster?

- by Woody Box

The long announced film on the Boston Bombings is about to go into production in these days. Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Bacon and John Goodman are the more prominent actors, and Bostonite Wahlberg is also co-producer of the movie. If everything runs properly, it will hit the cinemas in Boston, New York and Los Angeles on December 21 and the rest of the country three weeks later.

The producers have certainly spoken with the Boston Police, Boston FBI and other authorities. It is unknown if they have bothered to let one of their staffers research alternate media sources with regard to the bombings. Their confidence and determination over years to pull off the project indicates that they didn't. This might turn out disastrous when the official story is shattered in the appellate process.

Right now, the Tsarnaev case is in the hands of the Boston Federal Court of Appeals. There is a decent probability that the defense has confronted the court with new evidence showing that the Tsarnaev brothers had nothing to do with the pressure cooker bombs and the subsequent crimes. There is also a decent probability that this evidence is so overwhelming that the court is impelled to overturn the verdict.

Needless to say, such a development would be a disaster for the film which sticks with the official version. What kind of disaster depends on at what time things come to light (through an acquittal of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, for instance).

If things come to light before December 17, it is unlikely the film will be shown ever. The sooner this happens, the better for the producers because they can save work and money.

If things come to light months or years after the film was shown in the cinemas, the producers might have been lucky in economical terms, yet the film will get the dubious fame of picturizing a giant lie.

The most interesting case is if Dzhokhar is acquitted just when the movie has started in the cinemas and is heading for Oscars. This would create a true parallel universe with devastating consequences for the credibility of the government and the establishment media. For the producers however, this scenario might be economically most interesting because people might flood the cinemas to watch the biggest lie ever told.


  1. They'd have to film a sequel. Perhaps a modern twist on "Serpico"?

  2. Woody Box,do you believe that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent?The evidence who does point to Dzhokhars innocence is out there already and it depends on the defense of Dzhokhar when to present it.I will not look into that movie.Will you??

    1. Agreed, Elisabeth, and I doubt I will be interested in the movie.

  3. The only problem with the new defense is they are still employees of the govt and will not challenge their doings. Sad to say. Some info here
    on fb

  4. This movie, although very short, is probably much more interesting:

    (Credit to massmom for the link.)